∴ Hippie Macrame Bracelets with Unique Pendants ∴

Adjustable Length

Slide Clasp

No Glue Used


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.. A Harmony of Intentions | Celebrate Yourself with Every Hue ..


Here are my Hippie Macrame Bracelets. Each one was handwoven with intentions of harmony, love, and peace. These pieces are not just bracelets, they’re a vibrant celebration of your individuality and the joy of life.


Brass Accents: Our carefully selected brass beads and special pendants shine eternal, boasting a beauty that never fades and is resistant to water.

Polyester Strings: High quality strings, tough and yet flexible. Available in black, purple, red, camel, and platinum colors.

Perfectly Adjustable: With an easy-to-use slide lock, these bracelets offer a snug, comfortable fit for any wrist size.


Celebrate You


These Simple Macrame Bracelets are more than accessories, they’re companions on your journey, woven with love and the purest intentions.
Choose the colors and pendants that resonate with your soul, and wear them as a reminder of your unique path and the beauty of your individual spirit.
Let each knot, bead, and hue celebrate the freedom and joy of being uniquely you.



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