∴ Bohemian Classic Spirala Knot Bracelets ∴

Adjustable Length

Slide Clasp

No Glue Used


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.. A Symphony of Earth and Spirit | Embrace the Essence of the Earth..

⋙ Woven with care using the macrame techniques full of love and intention for peace and inner growth ⋘


Step into a world where every twist and turn tells a story of harmony, love, and peace. These Bohemian Classic Spirala Knot Bracelets are not just handcrafted pieces, they are embodiments of the earth’s energy and your unique spirit, woven together with care and intention.


Brass Beads and Pendants: Selected for their resilience and everlasting shine, these brass beads and pendants promise a beauty that resists water.

Rich Palette of Colors: With strings in black, mint, light cream, brown, camel, and platinum, each color choice adds a layer of depth and personality to your piece, reflecting the spectrum of the earth and sky.

Adjustable Comfort: Tailored to fit any wrist, the easy-to-use slide lock ensures your bracelet sits perfectly, offering comfort and style in harmony.


Crystal option and their energies:


:Picture Jasper: Grounds and connects you to the Earth’s energy, nurturing a sense of harmony.

:Howlite: Calms and soothes the mind, encouraging emotional expression and communication.

:Lava Beads: Offers strength and courage, grounding you in moments of change.

:Map Jasper: Supports global awareness and personal integrity, guiding your journey.

:Unakite: Balances emotions with spirituality, fostering growth and resilience.

:Pink Aventurine: Brings love and encourages perseverance, lighting your path to discovery.

Your Journey, Woven into Every Knot:


These bracelets are a celebration of your journey, crafted with love and pure intentions to honor your individuality. Each stone, each color, and each knot is a reminder of the beauty of your spirit and the power of the natural world.


∴ A talisman of who you really are ∴


Wear your Bohemian Classic Spirala Knot Bracelet as a testament to your unique path, a companion on your journey towards inner peace and self-expression.
Choose the one that resonates with your soul, and let it be a daily reminder of the love, harmony, and adventure that awaits. Embrace your story, one knot at a time. 

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