∴ SeaShell Hippie Macrame Bracelet ∴

Adjustable Length

Slide Clasp

No Glue Used



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.. A Tribute to the Ocean’s Whispers | Embrace the Ocean’s Call ..

⋙ Woven with care using the macrame techniques full of love and intention for peace and inner growth ⋘

Let the serene energy of the ocean embrace your soul with our Sea Shell Hippie Macrame Bracelet. Crafted with a heartfelt dedication to quality, harmony, love, and peace, this piece is more than a bracelet,it’s a celebration of your connection to the natural world and your unique spirit.


Brass Beads: Chosen for their lasting shine and resistance to water, these beads are a symbol of enduring beauty that mirrors the timeless spirit of the sea.

Rich Brownish Purple Polyester Strings: These strings are not only strong and flexible but also capture the mystical hues of ocean depths, enhancing the bracelet’s unique charm.

Adjustable for a Perfect Fit: With an easy-to-use slide lock, this bracelet offers a comfortable, customizable fit, allowing you to adjust it to your wrist size effortlessly.

A Symbol of Individuality and Connection ∴ 


Wearing this bracelet is like carrying a piece of the ocean’s vast mystery with you, a constant reminder of the peace and harmony that flow within and around you. Its sea shell accents invite the spirit of freedom and adventure, encouraging you to embrace your individuality and the journey ahead.


 ≫ Celebrate Your Unique Journey ≪


This Sea Shell Hippie Macrame Bracelet isn’t just an accessory, it’s a testament to your personal story and the loving intentions woven into its creation.
Add it to your cart to make this enchanting piece yours, and let it serve as a loving companion on your path to self-discovery and harmony.

Feel the embrace of the ocean and the warmth of the artisan’s touch in every knot! 


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