∴ Merkaba Mandala Macrame Necklace ∴

Adjustable Length

Slide Clasp

No Glue Used



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.. Unlock the Mysteries of the Universe Within ..

⋙ Journey through the realms of clarity, inner growth, self-love, and peace with the Merkaba Mandala Macrame Necklace ⋘
This handcrafted masterpiece intertwines the mystical energies of the universe with the personal journey of its wearer. At its heart lies a brass pendant shaped in the Merkaba symbol, complemented by the mesmerizing Labradorite crystal, and all held together with durable black polyester strings.

↠ Merkaba symbol: The Chariot of the Soul: The Merkaba symbol represents the divine light vehicle used by the enlightened to connect with the higher realms and traverse the spiritual planes. It embodies the power of oneness, balance, and protection on your spiritual voyage.
↠ Labradorite: The Stone of Transformation: This mystical stone is known for its ability to heighten intuition and bring about profound transformation. It resonates with those who seek change, offering protection and guidance. As a stone linked to the Third Eye Chakra, Labradorite enhances mental clarity and personal insight.
↠ Adjustable for Perfect Harmony: Find your ideal length with the easy-to-adjust slide lock, designed for comfort and versatility in wear.

∴ The combination of Merkaba and Labradorite anchors the celestial energies, grounding them into personal growth and enlightenment ∴

Adorn yourself with this sacred piece as a declaration of your journey towards spiritual awakening and the harmonious balance between the cosmos and the soul. Let it be a reminder of your own inner strength, wisdom, and the endless possibilities that unfold when you align with the universe’s energy.

Wear it, live it, love it ! ☼

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