∴ Earthstone Aura | Forest Jasper Macrame Necklace ∴

Adjustable Length

Slide Clasp

No Glue Used



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 Crafted with the Heart of Nature

⋙ Step into the lush embrace of nature with the Earthstone Aura, a beautifully designed necklace centered around the vibrant Forest Jasper stone. This handcrafted piece is a symphony of earth tones woven into a stunning macrame pattern ⋘


↠ Forest Jasper Crystal: Revered for its connection to nature and grounding properties, Forest Jasper is ideal for enhancing stability and balance, particularly resonating with Virgos.

↠ Artisan Materials: The necklace incorporates brass beads and a pendant, intertwined with camel and olive green polyester strings for enduring quality.

↠ Flexibility in Style: With an adjustable length feature, this necklace is tailored to fit any preference, making it a universal accessory.

≫ Wearing the Earthstone Aura offers a daily reminder of the earth’s strength and your own resilience. This piece isn’t just jewelry, it’s a personal talisman to enhance your physical and emotional well-being, perfect for gifting or self-indulgence ≪


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