∴ Enchanted Essence Handcrafted Labradorite Macrame Necklace ∴

Adjustable Length

Slide Clasp

No Glue Used



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.. Crafted with Intention and Love ..

⋙ Step into a world of mystical charm with this Bohemian Wrapped Labradorite Macrame Necklace. This artisan piece is lovingly handwoven, focusing on high-quality materials and harmonious energies ⋘

↠ Labradorite Crystal: A stone of transformation and mysticism, Labradorite is celebrated for its ability to protect and balance the aura while enhancing intuition and spiritual growth. It is particularly resonant with those born under Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius, aligning with their adventurous and insightful natures.
↠ Brass Beads and Pendant: Utilizing brass, known for its strength and enduring luster, which remains impervious to rust and tarnish, complementing the mystical allure with practical durability.
↠ Camel Polyester String: The choice of camel-colored string grounds this ethereal piece, offering a robust and waterproof foundation that exudes an earthy vibe.
↠ Adjustable Comfort: The easy-to-use slide lock ensures that the necklace fits perfectly, providing flexibility and ease for everyday wear.

∴ Embracing both the softness of feminine energy and the free spirit of bohemian culture, this necklace is a versatile addition to any jewelry collection ∴

Embrace your mystical side, wearing this necklace may help you to tap into the protective and intuitive properties of Labradorite. It’s not just an accessory – it’s a tool for spiritual awakening and personal growth.

.:: Your Spiritual Companion ::.
Let this necklace be a daily reminder of your mystical journey and creative spirit. Add this unique piece to your collection and carry a touch of magic wherever you go.

Wear it, live it, love it ! ☼

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