∴ Guardian of Harmony | Obsidian Macrame Necklace ∴

Adjustable Length

Slide Clasp

No Glue Used



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Unveil Timeless Protection

⋙ Embrace the enigmatic beauty and protective energy of the Guardian of Harmony, a meticulously handcrafted Obsidian macrame necklace. This piece combines the grounding force of Obsidian with elegant design elements, creating a powerful symbol of balance and protection⋘ 


↠ Obsidian Crystal: Celebrated for its grounding and protective qualities, Obsidian helps to shield against negativity and promote emotional stability.

↠ Brass Beads and Pendant: The brass elements are known for their durability and resistance to tarnishing, complementing the robust design.

↠ Platinum-Colored Polyester Strings: These strings not only provide strength but also add a subtle elegance to the necklace, enhancing the visual appeal.

↠ Adjustable Length: Featuring an easy-to-use slide lock, this necklace can be adjusted to suit any preference, ensuring a comfortable fit for anyone.

≫ Harnessing the power of crystals like Obsidian can significantly benefit both your physical and emotional wellbeing. It’s important to treat yourself to meaningful pieces that not only enhance your style but also support your energy ≪

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