∴ Mystic Twilight | Amethyst Macrame Necklace ∴

Adjustable Length

Slide Clasp

No Glue Used



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 Unveil the Charm of Deep Serenity

⋙ Introducing the Mystic Twilight, a handcrafted necklace featuring the tranquil allure of Amethyst, set against a backdrop of intricate black macrame. This piece encapsulates both elegance and spiritual depth, perfect for any wardrobe ⋘


↠ Amethyst Crystals: Known for their soothing and protective properties, Amethyst aligns with the crown chakra, fostering spiritual growth and calming energies. It is particularly resonant with the signs of Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, and Capricorn.

↠ Materials: Adorned with brass beads and a pendant, and woven with durable black polyester strings, enhancing both its beauty and functionality.

↠ Adjustable Design: The necklace is designed with an adjustable length feature, ensuring it can be tailored to fit any wearer perfectly.


≫ Embrace the healing properties of Amethyst with the Mystic Twilight necklace as a celebration of beauty and tranquility. Perfect for those seeking to enrich their physical and emotional well-being, this piece makes a thoughtful gift to yourself or a loved one, reminding us of the importance of nurturing our spirit ≪


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