∴ Shamanic Grace – Aquamarine Macrame Necklace ∴

Adjustable Length

Slide Clasp

No Glue Used



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..Embrace your Inner Harmony and Self-Love..

⋙ Elevate your spiritual journey with this Shamanic Aquamarine Macrame Necklace, expertly handcrafted to enhance inner peace and self-love. This piece is not just a necklace, it’s a conduit for healing energies and tranquility ⋘


↠ Aquamarine Crystal: Known for its calming properties, Aquamarine helps to soothe the mind and ease emotional turmoil. It’s associated with the throat chakra, enhancing communication skills and is particularly beneficial for those under the Pisces and Aries signs, encouraging courage and clarity.

↠ Brass Beads: Renowned for their strength and lasting shine, brass beads add a touch of resilience and elegance to the necklace, ensuring it remains beautiful through time.

↠ Polyester Strings: The use of black and olive green polyester strings not only provides durability but also complements the serene blue of the Aquamarine, enhancing its natural beauty.

↠ Adjustable Comfort: Tailored for ease with a simple slide lock, allowing you to adjust the length for a perfect, comfortable fit.

.:: Cultivate your Zen and connect with the calming energies of Aquamarine, promoting a sense of profound peace and spiritual rejuvenation ::.


≫ Transform Your Energy ≪

Adorn yourself with this Shamanic Aquamarine Necklace, and let it be a loving reminder of your commitment to personal growth and harmony. Feel the love radiate from within and around you as you wear this stunning piece.

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