∴ Verdant Oasis | Obsidian Macrame Necklace ∴

Adjustable Length

Slide Clasp

No Glue Used



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Embrace Natural Elegance

⋙ Dive into the depths of nature with the Verdant Oasis, a beautifully handcrafted Obsidian macrame necklace. This piece brings together the protective energies of Obsidian with the refreshing hues of mint and black, creating a perfect harmony of style and spirit ⋘ 


↠ Obsidian Crystal: Known for its grounding and protective properties, Obsidian helps shield against negativity and promotes emotional stability.

↠ Artistic Materials: Enhanced with brass beads and a pendant, intertwined with mint and black polyester strings, this necklace exudes a subtle elegance while offering durability.

↠ Adjustable Comfort: Equipped with an adjustable closure, ensuring a perfect fit for anyone, enhancing its versatility and appeal.

≫ Incorporating crystals like Obsidian into your life can significantly benefit your physical and emotional health. Treat yourself to this exquisite piece of craftsmanship,
the Verdant Oasis, and experience the transformative power of nurturing your well-being through natural beauty ≪

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