.. Handcrafted Forest Mushies Necklace with Lapis Lazuli ..

Adjustable Length

Slide Clasp

No Glue Used



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∵ Crafted for Harmony and Self-Love ∵

⋙ Embrace the natural world and its mystical energies with this Forest Mushies Necklace. This piece, beautifully handcrafted, channels the spirit of the bohemian soul—free, mystical, and in perfect harmony with nature’s rhythms ⋘

⤖ Lapis Lazuli Crystal: Renowned for its deep celestial blue, Lapis Lazuli is a symbol of wisdom and truth. It helps to activate the higher mind and enhance intellectual ability. It is especially beneficial for Sagittarius, aiding in self-awareness and self-expression, and is linked to the throat chakra.
⤖ Beads: Earthy wooden beads.
⤖ Polyester Strings: Coupled with a color palette of brownish purple, brown, black, and sandy cream polyester strings echo the forest’s diverse hues.
⤖ Adjustable Comfort: The necklace features a simple slide lock for easy adjustment, ensuring a perfect fit for anyone.

.:: A statement of your unique path and connection to the earth and its boundless beauty ::.

∴ Connect With Your Inner Bohemian ∴
Let this piece be your daily reminder of the world’s natural beauty and your own inner peace. Add this handcrafted masterpiece to your collection and keep the spirit of the forest close to your heart.

Be you, Be free, Be bohemian ! ☼

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