∴ Ethereal Harmony – Mandala Labradorite Macrame Necklace ∴

Adjustable Length

Slide Clasp

No Glue Used



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.. Discover your Inner Peace and Self-Love ..

⋙ Embrace the mystical allure of this Symmetrical Mandala Labradorite Macrame Necklace, a masterfully crafted piece designed to resonate with your spiritual essence and foster self-love ⋘


↠ Labradorite Crystal: Celebrated for its magical properties, Labradorite enhances intuition and mental clarity, perfect for those seeking spiritual awakening. It balances and protects the aura, primarily connected with the throat chakra, and is ideal for Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

↠ Brass Beads: Chosen for their durability and lustrous finish, brass beads add a touch of elegance and are known for their corrosion-resistant properties.

↠ Platinum-Colored Polyester Strings: These strings provide a sophisticated backdrop that enhances the iridescent play of colors in the Labradorite, reflecting hues of deep blues and greens.

↠ Adjustable Design: Custom-fit your experience with an easy-to-use slide lock that accommodates various neck sizes comfortably.


≫ Invite Love and Light into Your Life ≪

Let this beautifully handcrafted necklace be a constant reminder of your unique spiritual journey. Adorn yourself with this piece and spread the vibes of self-love and empowerment to everyone around you.

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